Meng LCC

Auto disable Syringes

Auto disable syringes are used for administering medications using standard and specialized techniques
The transparent syringe barrel ensures controlled administration of medication
Smooth-glide plunger ensures smooth, painless injection


Auto-disable Syringes are sterile, non-toxic, self-locking and non-pyrogenic medical disposables made of plastic material, with many options available for different types of applications.

The auto-disable syringe is a reliable and affordable option for ensuring that the syringe is used only once in order to reduce the spread of illness and infection because the piston is damaged after use, making repeated use impossible. The involuntary model only allows a backward movement followed by one full forward movement of the piston.

The auto-disable syringes are designed to be easy to use, but of course, practice is advised for health care professionals in order to avoid waste.